Michael Dixon

Constituency Officer (Sunderland Central)
Councillor for St Michael's Ward
Shadow Cabinet Member for Dynamic City (Housing and Regeneration)

My main base for politics in Sunderland has been St Michael’s ward, where I have lived for over 60 years.

During that time I have been the ward secretary, chairman and currently Councillor since 2014. However I also had  four very enjoyable years as Councillor for St Chad’s ward from 2007-2011. In addition I was an Association Chairman for the old Sunderland South constituency.

Housing has been my main interest over the years having worked in that profession since the late 1960s. Away from local politics my main interest is football, having supported Sunderland since the 1959/60 season and I still attend all home matches.



Sunderland Conservatives react to Eat Out to Help Out Success

Local Conservatives have been very encouraged to note the success of the Chancellor’s, Rishi Sunak’s, Eat Out to Help Out scheme, which altogether saw, within the borough of Sunderland, 228,000 meals claimed,  182 establishments signing-up to it, with, in total, over £1.3m being claimed by the re

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Dr Antony Mullen

Leader of the Sunderland Conservatives
Chairman of the Association
Councillor for Barnes Ward

I am currently the Leader of the Sunderland Conservatives, Association Chairman and a councillor for Barnes Ward.

James Doyle

Deputy Leader of the Sunderland Conservatives
Deputy Chairman (Political)
Councillor for Fulwell Ward

I currently serve as a councillor for Fulwell ward, as well as Deputy Leader of the Council Group and Deputy Chairman (Political) of the Association.

Josh McKeith

Deputy Chairman (Membership)
Councillor for St Peter's Ward
Shadow Cabinet Member for Children, Learning and Skills

I am currently the Deputy Chairman (Membership) and a Councillor for St Peter’s Ward.

I am presently studying at Sunderland University and have interests in history and politics.

Hilary Johnson

Data Protection Officer
Candidate for Washington East Ward

I am a Chartered Accountant and work at a manufacturing company in South Shields.  I have lived within the City of Sunderland for most of my life and currently live in Teal Farm.

Sam Johnston

Communications Officer
Association Secretary
Candidate for St Peter's Ward

I currently serve as the Association Secretary and Communications Officer - a wide-ranging brief that gives me responsibilities from taking minutes at meetings to maintaining this website.

Lyall Reed

Events Officer
Candidate for St Michael's Ward

I am currently the Events Officer for the City Association and Young Conservatives as well as the Council Candidate for St Michael's Ward. I am also currently studying History and Politics at Northumbria University.

Gregory Peacock

Constituency Officer (Washington and Sunderland West)
Candidate for St. Anne's Ward

I am the Conservative candidate for St Anne’s Ward in the May 2021 local elections. 

Chris Burnicle

Constituency Officer (Houghton and Sunderland South)
Candidate for St. Chad's Ward

I was born in Sunderland and attended Barnes Infant and Junior school, then Thornhill Comprehensive School.

Peter Wood

President of the Sunderland Conservatives
Councillor for St Michael's Ward
Shadow Cabinet Member for the Office of Cabinet Secretary

I am the President of Sunderland Conservatives. 

William Blackett

Councillor for St Chad's Ward
Shadow Cabinet Member for Vibrant City (Communities and Culture)

I am Councillor for St Chad's Ward.

I was captain of the University of York team on the 2018/19 series of University Challenge.