Tackling School Time Parking Problems

Tackling School Time Parking Problems 

Many residents suffer from anti-social school time parking. Blocking drives and path access, parking over double yellow lines and creating blind spots for parents and students crossing roads. In some cases residents have taken needless abuse when they ask people to move their car from in front of their drives. 

It makes roads unsafe for parents, residents and most importantly children. 

But the Sunderland Conservatives have a plan:

  • Hiring more dedicated parking wardens, not increasing councillors allowances

  • Open up the 'School Street Scheme' to wards across the city, not just one Labour-held ward in Washington

  • Working with local communities to  create bespoke solutions for each street and school area 

  • Expanding the capabilities of the Parking Enforcement team with a new mobile parking camera car 


A School Street would limit the cars that can go into a street to residents, emergency services as well as other exceptions.

The main bulk of parents would be encouraged to walk, get alternative transport or park slightly further away, dispersing the congestion that occurs on some narrow school roads. It is important to remember that the School Street Scheme has incredible flexibility and variations depending on the street and the roads involved, as well as through resident consultation.

Nothing will go forward without involving the communities involved.

It may all seem simple, and that's because it is! But Labour have stood in the way of every single point. They spent £77,000 cleaning windows at City Hall, not hiring new parking wardens. We put our School Street Scheme plan to the Council to vote, Labour voted to push it off the agenda and go home early. 


Sunderland Conservatives Transport spokesperson Cllr Lyall Reed, who is proposing the 'School Street Scheme' Motion to Council commented saying: 

As someone who was hit by a car when they were a child on the walk to school, I know the dangers of school-rush parking better than most. During my two years as a councillor I have worked to tackle this problem in my ward and across the City.

Working with residents, other Conservative councillors and talking to the Council's parking wardens I know our plan is the right one to tackle school time parking 

Making roads outside of schools safer, reducing the risk of accident and stopping the abuse that some residents have endured. 

Speaking to residents I know there is support for our plan and that people want something to be done.


To back our plan click on the button below and add your name to the hundreds of residents who want safer roads and to tackle anti-social school time parking.