Rationalise Priestman Roundabout

Rationalise Priestman Roundabout in the City Centre 

For years this major city centre roundabout has caused confusion and havoc for drivers, with the lanes making no sense going from two lanes to three lanes back to two etc with no one really knowing what lane or exit to use. 

Cllr Lyall Reed has started a campaign to rationalise the roundabout, simplifying the city centre roundabout and improving safety and transport links. 

On the 23rd November Cllr Reed placed a Feasibility request to the Highways Department for his plans to rationalise the roundabout, and it has now been confirmed that the Council is seeking funding to make the plans a reality.

This shows we are making progress to sort out this roundabout. Ending the chaos and madness at this city centre roundabout. I will keep pushing to get our detailed plans over the line to fix the Priestman Roundabout.

- Cllr Lyall Reed, Councillor for St Michael's Ward