Robert Oliver

Council Group Leader
Councillor for St Michael's Ward

I am a councillor for St Michael's Ward and leader of the Conservative Group on Sunderland City Council.


Sunderland Conservatives criticise local Labour on school reopenings.

Labour’s Graeme Miller has issued a press statement politicising Sunderland’s schools and advising parents to ignore government advice. This is a reckless move which is solely intended to gain support for Labour – not to benefit local children and parents.

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Dr Antony Mullen

Chairman of the Sunderland Conservatives
Councillor for Barnes Ward
Deputy Leader of the Conservative Council Group

I am currently the Chairman of the Sunderland Conservatives and a councillor for Barnes Ward.

James Doyle

Deputy Chairman (Political)
Councillor for Fulwell Ward

I currently serve as a councillor for Fulwell ward, as well as Deputy Chairman (Political) of the Sunderland Conservative Association.

Josh McKeith

Deputy Chairman (Membership)
Councillor for St Peter's Ward

I am currently the Deputy Chairman (Membership) and a Councillor for St Peter’s Ward.

I am presently studying at Sunderland University and have interests in history and politics.

Michael Dixon

Constituency Officer (Sunderland Central)
Councillor for St Michael's Ward

My main base for politics in Sunderland has been St Michael’s ward, where I have lived for over 60 years.

Peter Wood

President of the Sunderland Conservatives
Councillor for St Michael's Ward

I am the President of Sunderland Conservatives.  I am a long-standing city councillor, currently representing St.

Dominic McDonough

Councillor for St Chad's Ward

I was delighted to be elected as Conservative Councillor for the communities of Herrington, Farringdon and Lakeside Village in 2019. 

William Blackett

Councillor for St Chad's Ward

I am Councillor for St Chad's Ward.

I was captain of the University of York team on the 2018/19 series of University Challenge.

Helen Greener

Councillor for Barnes Ward

I was elected to serve as the Councillor for Barnes Ward in 2019. I have lived in the area all of my life and I run a family business which is located within the ward.