Josh McKeith

Deputy Chairman (Membership)
Councillor for St Peter's Ward
Shadow Cabinet Member for Children, Learning and Skills

I am currently the Deputy Chairman (Membership) and a Councillor for St Peter’s Ward.

I am presently studying at Sunderland University and have interests in history and politics.

As Shadow Cabinet Member for Children, Learning and Skills, I have a keen interest in the education system and children services. I am Vice Chair of the the Council's Children, Education and Skills scrutiny committee.

See Also

Robert Oliver

Councillor for St Michael's Ward

I am a councillor for St Michael's Ward.

Helen Greener

Councillor for Barnes Ward
Shadow Cabinet Member for Healthy City (Health and Social Care)

I was elected to serve as the Councillor for Barnes Ward in 2019. I have lived in the area all of my life and I run a family business which is located within the ward.

I am the Shadow Cabinet Member for Healthy City.

Dominic McDonough

Councillor for St Chad's Ward

I was delighted to be elected as Conservative Councillor for the communities of Herrington, Farringdon and Lakeside Village in 2019. 

George Howe

Councillor for Fulwell Ward

I was elected as councillor for Fulwell in 1996 following my return from Saudi Arabia and Libya, where I worked as Project Engineer.