Council Candidates

Candidates selected for 2015 Local Elections

Tories call for living wage

Sunderland Conservatives have submitted a notice of motion to the September council meeting calling on the council to pay the living wage to all its employees.

Tourist Information

Conservatives have been campaigning for better tourist information to be available for visitors to the city

Free Parking

At last! – free parking for Sunderland in the run-up to Christmas. Like other city centres Sunderland needs free parking to attract shoppers.

Council Tax Freeze

Sunderland Conservatives are supporting the government's offer of a Council Tax freeze for a fourth successive year.

Support for free schools

Sunderland Conservatives have expressed their support for free schools with one such school already opened which is oversubscribed and gets good results.

Crime Falls Again

Sunderland Conservatives welcome another fall in the number of crimes being committed across our region with a 10% fall since the general election in 2010.

Housing Benefit Response

The Labour Party continues its scaremongering about the reduction in benefits for extra rooms in social housing, which it mistakenly calls a “bedroom tax”.   

Right to Buy reinvigorated

In the 1980s, the Right to Buy scheme helped families living in council housing to buy their own home and Sunderland Conservatives welcome the reinvigoration of the scheme.

Housing in Sunniside

With smaller city centres becoming more common and more people shopping out of town or on the Internet, Sunderland conservatives favour more housing in Sunniside.