Taking the Fight to Labour

The Labour Party in Sunderland is failing our city.

The Children's Services Department in Sunderland was so poorly run by Labour that it struggled to hire permanent staff members. As a result, the council was forced to spend £7.7m on agency staff. This money could have gone on other vital services.

In February 2018, Ofsted returned to Sunderland and its findings were shocking. School inspectors issued a damning report which warned that children in Labour's care were at risk of radicalisation. The report also highlighted the inadequate welfare provisions in place and the poor quality of apprenticeships.

The Labour Party is fast becoming the UK's number one producer of 'fake news'. Labour is currently scaremongering about free school meals being taken away from the poorest children. In reality, all children who get free school meals at present will continue to receive them - and, in addition, another 50,000 children will be entitled to free meals in the near future.

Julie Elliott MP has criticised the government for not continuing with the Leveson Inquiry. Yet, at the same time, Sunderland Labour's Twitter account shared a post accusing the BBC of being a covert branch of the Conservative Party. We asked Elliott if she agreed with Sunderland Labour but she declined to comment.

Cllr. Graeme Miller, who serves in the Labour cabinet, was recently caught sharing racist and threatening messages on social media. Cllr. Miller did not apologise for his remarks until pursued by journalists. If Sunderland residents criticise the council on social media, Labour pursues them. It's one rule for Labour councillors and another for the rest of us.

On top of all of this, Labour's wasteful spending shows that this council puts pet projects before people.

  • £3.6m was spent on a design for the new Wear bridge - but it was never used;
  • Almost £250,000 was given to the Sunderland Empire after the theatre made a financial loss;
  • £500,000 was spent refurbishing the City Library. Only a few months later, they closed it down and moved it to the Winter Gardens;
  • £375,000 of taxpayers' money was used to support Beyonce and One Direction concerts;
  • The former Chief Executive of Sunderland Council was paid almost £200k as a 'golden handshake' only weeks after Children's Services collapsed;
  • The Council underestimated the cost of the Sunderland Airshow by £120,000 and the Tall Ships Race by £2m.

Labour complains about 'Tory cuts' and austerity, but they always seem to find money to cover their own backs.

The Sunderland Conservatives are therefore committed to taking the fight to Labour.

A poll conducted by the Sunderland Echo found that 66% of voters preferred our alternative spending plans to Labour's. One of our plans is to reduce allowances for all councillors - will Sunderland Labour make the same commitment?

We will be taking this message to doorsteps across the City.

Join us on the following action days to kick Labour out of Sunderland:

  • Saturday 17th March - St Chad's Ward
  • Monday 19th March - Barnes Ward 
  • Saturday 24th March - St Peter's Ward/Fulwell Ward
  • Saturday 31st March - Barnes Ward - Meeting at the Barnes Pub at 10am
  • Saturday 7th April - Fulwell Ward - TBC

For more information about getting involved and kicking Labour out of Sunderland, email secretary@sunderlandconservatives.org.uk