Sunderland Conservatives condemn Shadow Veterans Minister Sharon Hodgson over failure to back bill protecting UK soldiers

The Sunderland Conservatives are shocked and appalled by local MP and Shadow Veterans Minister Sharon Hodgson’s call for the government to halt their attempts to pass the Overseas Operations Bill.

The bill, designed to protect UK veterans from vexatious legal claims, is expected to be introduced in Parliament next month.

Constituency Officer for Washington and Sunderland West and candidate for St. Anne’s ward Gregory Peacock said:

I am shocked at local Labour MP Sharon Hodgson calling for a halt to the governments Overseas Operations Bill.

These unnecessary prosecutions cost the UK taxpayer millions of pounds, which could be better used to support our veterans.

Mrs Hodgson should also be aware that this bill does not ‘shield’ those that are guilty of crimes, but simply limits historical prosecutions to five years, unless credible evidence emerges outside of that time.

I am certain that the many serving UK forces personnel, and retired veterans from the North East will agree this bill provides them with assurances that their service to this country is valued by those they protect.