Sunderland Conservatives back Trade Union over Everyone Active pay.

Sunderland Conservatives have backed Unite union's calls for workers at Sunderland's Everyone Active gyms, swimming pools and fitness centres to receive 100% of their wages throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Conservative government policy will allow workers to receive 80% of their wages automatically whilst furloughed - and we are calling for Sunderland City Council to pay the additional 20% (as other councils in the region are doing). 

Conservative Council Group leader Cllr Robert Oliver said: 

"This is the first time a government has paid people’s wages, with approximately £40billion being put into the scheme, but taking a 20 per cent pay cut will be difficult for many families in Sunderland if the lockdown goes on for much longer. The council has just received another £10 million from the government in financial assistance and has £11 million in usable general reserves, so there is scope for supporting all those employees who contribute to the city.”