Our Team for 2019-20

The 2019 Local Elections were disappointing for the Conservative Party nationally, but in Sunderland we had our most successful night in years.

As well as defending our seat in St Michael's Ward (held by Councillor Peter Wood), we also gained four new seats from Labour. Helen Greener (Barnes), Dominic McDonough (St Chad's), James Doyle (Fulwell) and Josh McKeith (St Peter's) were all elected for the first time. James (20) and Josh (18) are also Sunderland's youngest councillors.

Following our election success, the Council Group made a number of changes to our front-line team which, for 2019-20, is as follows:

  • Council Group Leader - Councillor Robert Oliver
  • Deputy Leader - Councillor Antony Mullen
  • Spokesman for Economic Prosperity and City Regeneration - Councillor James Doyle
  • Spokesman for Housing and Planning - Councillor Michael Dixon
  • Spokesman for Children, Learning and Skills - Councillor Bob Francis
  • Spokesman for Health and Social Care - Councillor Shirley Leadbitter
  • Spokesman for Environment and Transport - Councillor Peter Wood
  • Spokesman for Communities and Culture - Councillor William Blackett

In addition, our new Group Press Officer is Dominic McDonough who can be contacted at cllr.dominic.mcdonough@sunderland.gov.uk