Our 2020/21 Team

The 2020 Sunderland Conservatives AGM took place in March.

The meeting saw the re-election of the Chairman, two deputies, Treasurer and the Constituency Officers for Sunderland Central and Houghton and Sunderland South.

New faces on the Management Board include Lyall Reed, who replaces Dominic McDonough as Events Officer, and Gregory Peacock, who is taking over as Washington Constituency Officer from Olwyn Bird.

Association Officers and members offered their thanks to Olwyn, who served on the Management Board for over a decade, including as Deputy Chairman (Membership) and Constituency Officer. Olwyn plays an active role in the Association, organising events for the CWO and actively campaigning in local and general elections. Three former Chairmen of the Association - Peter Wood, Alan Wright and Graham Hall - and the current Chairman, Antony Mullen, all paid tribute to Olwyn in a series of speeches. We were pleased to present Olwyn with chocolates, flowers and a hamper to thank her for her service over many years.

Since the AGM, and with the announcement of the postponed local elections, the Executive agreed to create a new Management Board role - Communications Officer - and Sam Johnston was appointed to this post until an SGM can be held to hold an election.