Lifting lockdown is no excuse for littering, say local Conservatives

The Sunderland Conservatives have criticised the increased level of littering as lockdown restrictions have lifted.

Conservative councillors have received an increase in complaints about littering on the seafront and in the city’s parks and playing fields.

Conservative candidate for St Anne’s Ward, Greg Peacock, held a litter pick on 28th June where he picked up 7 bags of rubbish, most of which had been discarded in the last few weeks.

During the litter pick, Greg also found swathes of used ‘happy gas’ canisters where groups had congregated at night.

Local Conservatives are urging residents to take responsibility for their litter – either using public litter bins or taking rubbish home where necessary.

Councillor James Doyle, Deputy Leader of the Sunderland Conservatives and environment spokesman, said:

"It is incredibly disheartening to see people treat our public spaces – and in particular our coastline and public parks – with such disregard. I know that the vast majority of residents care deeply about the environment, and understand the devastating impact that litter can have on wildlife. Indeed, over recent weeks we have seen real community spirit in action across the city, with several socially distanced litter picks having taken place in my own ward of Fulwell alone. In spite of this community action, we must take robust and decisive action to crack down on the problem. That is why I have been working closely with the Council and police to push for temporary litter bins along the seafront, increased enforcement patrols in litter ‘hot spots’ and new signage to discourage littering in the first place.”