Church Roof Repairs


Press Release
Date:26 March 2015

BOB DHILLON welcomes £10,800 funding to repair
St Ignatius the Martyr church

BOB DHILLONE has welcomed today’s announcement of £10,800 funding for repairs to St Ignatius the Martyr church in Hendon Sunderland.

These repairs will also help to prevent further damage to these buildings – ensuring they are preserved for generations to come.


‘I’m delighted to hear St Ignatius the Martyr church has got £10,800 of funding for repairs’

‘St Ignatius the Martyr church is an important part of our community in Washington & Sunderland and this money will help ensure it’s there for future generations.

‘The only reason we can afford this investment is because of the action Conservatives have taken to fix the economy. Labour’s plans would mean economic chaos – and Britain unable to afford this kind of work to protect our national heritage.’

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said:

‘Churches and Cathedrals are a unique part of our national heritage, and play a vital role in community life – we want to support them, and thanks to our long-term economic plan, we can.

‘Whether it’s our country’s future or these important buildings, the sun is shining and we’re starting to fix the roof.’