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In Sunderland the ward boundaries are changing, and the second draft proposals are not acceptable. They divide communities and do not reflect how residents feel. 

Barnes/Tunstall and Silksworth?

The Local Government Boundary Review has proposed in it's second draft proposal to divide up Tunstall in St Michael's Ward, around Essen Way, Queen Alexandra Road and Strawberry Bank, and add it to a Silksworth Ward. This makes no sense, wards are supposed to reflect actual communities.

Click HERE to tell the Boundary Commission that Tunstall is not Silksworth.


Ashbrooke and Hendon?

Ashbrooke is being split into three and central Ashbrooke, around the cricket club and St John's Church, would be in a Grangetown ward with Grangetown and Hendon. Ashbrooke is not Hendon and should not be divided like this as it is not a solid community. Nobody on streets such as West Lawn would think they are in Grangetown. 

Click HERE to tell the Boundary Commission Hendon and Ashbrooke are not the same.


Herrington and Humbledon?

The proposed St Chad’s ward does not reflect a natural community as it extends for East Herrington all the way to the Barnes Toby Carvery, taking in Humbledon Hill and Plains Farm. These areas have nothing in common with one another. Silksworth, Farringdon and Lakeside have more in common with one another.

The Boundary Commission is conducting their final public consultation and you MUST have your say - we need to defeat these proposals. 

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Boundary Review Consultation

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Do you think East Herrington can be regarded as part of one community with Plains Farm and Humbledon Hill?
Are Ashbrooke and Hendon the same community?
Do you think the streets around St Nicholas Church (St Nicholas Avenue, Queen Alexandra Road, Bainbridge Avenue, Newlands Avenue etc) should be classed as Silksworth?
Do you think Herrington should be classed as one community in one ward, or carved up and divided?
Boundary Review Consultation
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