2021 Manifesto

On Saturday 3rd April, we launched our 2021 local election manifesto, 'Get Labour Out'. It is a plan for local government which focuses upon getting the basics right: safer and cleaner streets, restoring pride in the city, and making sensible decisions regarding how taxpayers' money is spent.

The manifesto covers everything from how we tackle fly-tipping to devolving power from Sunderland to Washington, with the establishment of a new Town Council.

Key commitments include:

  • Major cuts to councillors' allowances and abolishing expenses for councillors
  • Changing the way the Council organises events, with more focus on sponsorship
  • Investing more in civic pride and heritage - including through new museum exhibits and a war memorial maintenance fund
  • Establishing a new Environmental Scrutiny Committee to oversee things like how the Council delivers refuse services and the sewerage discharge at Seaburn
  • Better and more transparent consultation
  • Taking more action to tackle the city's rat problem.

Our policies reflect the views of our members who came together through our Conservative Policy Forum to help write the manifesto.

If you wish to get involved in shaping our policies, supporting or campaigns or even standing for election, then join us.


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